Cookery Lessons & Cook-a-Longs

I teach individuals, small and large groups of people to cook.
I teach children, adults, families, siblings, colleagues, grandparents and friends.  I run zoom classes, in person classes and demonstrations (when allowed!)
if you’re interested in a lesson message me at

I also run monthly Sunday cook-a-longs where anyone can sign up and join a live class. See front page for the next one….

Chicken Caesar Salad

If you follow me on social media then you’ll have seen this Chicken Caesar Salad cropping up quite a bit recently. It’s currently on repeat on my weekly meal plan & it’s been a popular choice in lessons too.
It’s great with leftover roast chicken (no wasted food) or salmon instead of chicken (just poach for less time) and my vegan son enjoyed his with chestnuts (although that was a bit random and I’ll work on with a better protein option for him!) 
We’re not huge fans of anchovies, so I didn’t include them but if you are……just add them. 
If you’d like the recipe….. it’s available in my Subscribers Only Area. Just subscribe on the front page of the website and you’ll be sent a password to access this recipe and some others that are only for my subscribers.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Please let me know if you do.


Coffee & Walnut Bliss Balls

Do you get a post dinner craving for something sweet? I do. These Coffee & Walnut Bliss Balls are a sweet gooey tasty way to curb that craving. They’re also a great mid afternoon snack with a cup of coffee!

Don’t delude yourself that they’re ‘loads’ better for you than chocolate or a biscuit though! They’re still high in sugar (non refined) and fat (omega-3) They do provide other vitamins, minerals & fibre too but enjoy them mindfully and in moderation.

Mother’s Day Cook-a-Long

Would you enjoy cooking with your mum/mother-in-law/child as a Mother’s day treat?

Or would you like to cook a delicious dinner for her as a treat?

Or would you just like to join us for a fab cook-a-long where you’ll learn to make some delicious healthy food?

Well….our next Cook-a-Long, is on Mother’s Day, Sunday 27th March from 4.30-6.15pm 
We will be making: –

1) Sweet Potato Bites –  Delicious canapes that disappear almost as soon as you put them out! Topped with guacamole – they are creamy bite sized and delicious 
2) Cornflake Chicken – KFC healthy baked fakeaway (can be made vegan) 
3) Roast New Potatoes – super simple accompaniment to your chicken
4) Summery Tomato Salad – A colourful salad made with sweet tomatoes and a slightly spicy crunchy breadcrumb topping – bring on Summer!
5) Apple & Berry Crumble – the well-loved dessert you know but with a little less sugar and fat  

Of course anyone can join, whether you’re cooking for or with your mother or not!

and if you have any questions, please message me at

If you’d like to join us, do sign up.
Just transfer £18.00 to and PLEASE leave your email address…I’ll email you the list of ingredients and utensils that you need and the zoom link

Hope to ‘see you’ there

Thai Green Curry

We all like different flavours and types of food. My daughter and eldest aren’t fans of curry, my husband doesn’t like tofu, my son is vegan … they’re a hard bunch to please!

So I knew that this Thai Green Curry wasn’t going to be for everyone and sometimes that’s ok.

I loved it, as did my husband (with the tofu swapped for salmon or chicken – he loved both versions) and my son did too …so that was success as far as I was concerned. My eldest tried it and agreed that it was actually ok. We’re getting somewhere…..

Anyway here’s the recipe for you to decide if it’s one for your family or not.

Minestrone Soup

This soup is a hearty, filling, comforting, warming meal in a bowl!

This recipe was inspired by my friend Lois Allon whilst we were cooking together for our local Foodbank.

It’s really her recipe just with a few tweaks. so Thank you Lois

The red kidney beans add protein and are a source of Vitamin B1, which helps the body break down and release energy from food.

The pasta fills you up, the veggies provide fibre and lots of vitamins and minerals and because they’re still whole and not blitzed, it all helps keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Crepes with Fruit

This easy Crepes with Fruit recipe (I love filling mine with banana, raspberries, blueberries and passion fruit) has become a bit of a regular Sunday morning breakfast for us…..replacing our usual Pancakes or French Toast (for now!)

It’s only available to my subscribers, so if you’re a subscriber……just type in the password that I sent you and its yours. If you’re not yet a subscriber… just sign up on the front page of my website and you’ll get access to this lovely recipe and all the other subscriber only recipes.

Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

This Shepherd’s Pie is a great winter comfort dish. Made with a flavorsome vegetable base with lentils for protein. The sauce is slightly herby with a mix of vegetable flavours and textures. The creamy mashed potato on top makes it extra comforting and filling. The chestnuts are my favourite addition – I love their creamy texture and flavour.

Make your Own Poke Bowl

Hands up…. this recipe is NOT quick but it can be…..

I make all of the components of the Poke Bowl because it means everyone in the family is VERY happy and I make enough for lunch the next day so it’s cook once eat twice, so it may take longer but there’s a whole meal that I don’t need to prep for at all the following day.

I like the sriracha sauce and my kids prefer the teriyaki, so again…I make both

but if you want the Poke Bowl but quicker…. make one sauce and leave out some of the vegetables e.g don’t make fried mushrooms or sweetcorn or lettuce and the dish could be done in 15 mins.

If you enjoy this as much as we do…please could you leave a comment below so other people know how great it is!



Apple Crumble

Who doesn’t love an Apple Crumble?

This one is easy to make ( I taught an 11 year old to make it last week) The longest part is peeling and dicing your apples and waiting for it to cook!

You can add rhubarb, blackberries, raisins, lemon, cinnamon, raspberries etc…whatever you like best.

This one is made with wholemeal flour to boost the fibre content a little and I’ve reduced the sugar as far as I can, whilst leaving it sweet – as dessert should be!

It’s delicious alone or served with ice cream or custard