Cookery Lessons & Cook-a-Longs

I teach individuals, small and large groups of people to cook.
I teach children, adults, families, siblings, colleagues, grandparents and friends.  I run zoom classes, in person classes and demonstrations (when allowed!)
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I also run monthly Sunday cook-a-longs where anyone can sign up and join a live class. See front page for the next one….

Apple Crumble

Who doesn’t love an Apple Crumble?

This one is easy to make ( I taught an 11 year old to make it last week) The longest part is peeling and dicing your apples and waiting for it to cook!

You can add rhubarb, blackberries, raisins, lemon, cinnamon, raspberries etc…whatever you like best.

This one is made with wholemeal flour to boost the fibre content a little and I’ve reduced the sugar as far as I can, whilst leaving it sweet – as dessert should be!

It’s delicious alone or served with ice cream or custard

Teen Middle Eastern Cook-a-Long

Wednesday 3rd October 5.30-7pm

Is your teenager (or a teenager you know) a budding cook, about to leave home or just interested in learning to cook a bit? Would you like them to make you a delicious dinner whilst learning some new cookery skills?

Well….our next Cook-a-Long, on Wednesday 3rd November from 5.30-7pm will be aimed at teenagers, who would like to become more confident in the kitchen. They will learn to prep vegetables, cook safely, learn about eating healthily and all whilst cooking you a delicious dinner!
We will be making: –
1) Shakshuka – Traditionally with eggs or if you are vegan, with butter beans. 
2) Shwarma Chicken or Mushrooms. Super quick to make and really tasty 
3) Hummus – smooth creamy, perfect with the shwarma
4) Israeli Salad – where I’ll teach them some quick and easy chopping methods

Of course anyone can join, whether a teenager or not (but it will be aimed at teenagers)
If you’d like to join us, do sign up.
Just transfer £15.00 to and I’ll email you the list of ingredients and utensils that you need and the zoom link. PLEASE LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE MESSAGE
Hope to ‘see your teenager’ there,

Struggling to Feed your ‘Fussy’ Family?

Are you struggling trying to feed your ‘fussy’ family? Making 3 meals a night? Spending too long in the kitchen?
Here’s a few ideas that might help….
1) Try adding small amounts of the foods they don’t like to foods they definitely do e.g small bits of mushroom to a pasta sauce. Tastes can change with repeated exposure.

2) Make one meal that everyone will like – then remove a portion for the ‘one who won’t eat onion/chilli/spinach’ and add it to the rest. Then everyone is happy but you’ve only made one meal just in 2 dishes e.g stir fry, shakshuka

3) Make a meal where your vegan can swap the chicken/fish for tofu or beans but the rest stays the same e.g fajitas, sushi, poké bowl, tray bakes…

4) Use your freezer. Make extra portions of the foods your ‘fussy’ one likes and when everyone is eating something they definitely won’t eat, they can have a meal they do like with no extra effort from you (or washing up!)

5) When you have more time… make a few different meals (if you want) If it’s not been every night you might not mind so much and everyone enjoys dinner.
I have a carnivore who doesn’t like cheese, one who won’t eat chicken, a vegan who doesn’t like pepper, squash, carrots + and one who doesn’t like fish so I do understand!
Follow me for more meal ideas that will help you feed your family more easily.

Summery Tomato Salad

This is my kid’s favourite Salad.
I think that it’s the crispy breadcrumb topping rather than my amazing homegrown tomatoes…but who cares? They love it…so I’m happy.

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Hope you enjoy it.



Kitchen How to…. Segment an Orange/Grapefruit

Do you love eating citrus fruit but sometimes wonder how to easily get rid of the skin for some recipes? Here’s a simple way to segment an orange or grapefruit. Make sure your knife is really sharp before you start – it really helps.

Apple Puff Pie

This is a fabulous Autumnal recipe to use up all the wonderful apples that are around. It’s seriously easy and quick to make. I hardly ever have any leftovers and if I do they’re gone by the next day.

Works well with jam but you can use honey too if you’d prefer

Apples contain fibre which is needed to keep your digestive system working smoothly. We’re advised to eat 30g per day and most people eat about half of that.

This is a wonderfully delicious way to boost your fibre intake.

Minute Steak Rolls with Chimichurri

Looking for a starter or canape with a difference? Try these Minute Steak Rolls with Chimichurri Sauce. Tender steak rolled around a delicious chimichurri sauce, these are small enough to just pop into your mouth for one bite with a wonderful chilli kick!


Do you love sauces with a kick? Then this one is for you….. Freshly chopped herbs mixed with raw onion, garlic, chilli, vinegar and olive oil… Chimichurri definitely has punch and if yours doesn’t….add more garlic, chilli, vinegar or salt.

Drizzle it onto meat, chicken, steak, cauliflower, aubergine etc

Parsley is a fabulous source of Vitamins A, K and C and as its eaten raw more of the vitamin C is preserved than if it was cooked and as they are all fat soluble vitamins, eating them with olive oil helps increase the vitamin absorption.

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