Chocolate & Banana Muffins

Snacks taste good, they give us energy and they fill us up a little till our next meal. Choose your snacks wisely though….. some snacks are more nutrient dense than others.

These Chocolate & Banana Muffins are made with maple syrup (sugar) and coconut oil (fat) and chocolate chips (sugar and fat). They are also made with bananas (potassium, vitamin B6) eggs (protein and vitamin B12) and wholemeal flour (fibre and Vit B3) to boost their nutrient content. They contain less sugar and fat than most shop bought muffins and they taste delicious – especially straight from the oven.

The chocolate flavour comes mainly from cocoa (reducing the chocolate content) They are made with dark chocolate chips, which reduces the sugar content further, but if you have a particularly sweet tooth, you can swap to milk chocolate chips.

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