Blueberry Fruit Rolls

BLUEBERRY FRUIT ROLLS – there is nothing but 100% blueberries in these sweet, chewy fruit rolls. By dehydrating the blueberries you end up eating a lot more….. so more fibre as well as more sugar. My kids don’t like fresh blueberries (no idea why!) so this way they’re actually eating blueberries…. with no added rubbish.

Blueberry Fruit Rolls written recipe

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3 thoughts on “Blueberry Fruit Rolls”

    1. Hi. I’m sure that you could…I haven’t tried it but you’re only blitzing them so I don’t see why not. Much cheaper too. Great idea I’ll try it and let you know.xx

      1. I tried them! Frozen is a great idea. Cheaper and just as delicious but I did have to cook them for about an hour longer – probably because I was impatient and hadn’t let them fully defrost!

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