Beef and Pea Samosas

I made 32 of these to feed 6 of us and they ALL got eaten 😝 They are Baked not Fried so are a healthier way of enjoying Samosas. They’re probably my most fiddly recipe and definitely take longer than 15 minutes but the empty plates showed me that it’s worth it.

They’re packed with vegetables…. onions, peas, carrots and spinach as well as beef so they’re full of nutrients too.

Beef is a great source of protein which we need to build and repair muscle. Its not just about having big muscles…. its about being able to balance, walk, run, pick things up, avoid injury etc. Beef is also a great source of an amino acid called Leucine, which we need to trigger muscle growth. So enjoy these Beef Samosas knowing there are lots of health benefits.

If you enjoy these as much as we do, I’d love it if you could leave a comment below,




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