Rosemary Sun-Blushed Tomatoes

These Rosemary Sun-Blushed tomatoes are super simple to prep, have a deep sweet flavour and are much healthier than the shop bought (smothered in oil) versions. They taste amazing on salad or with pasta. They are based on a recipe given to me by the lovely Jack Williams which I edited slightly.

Rosemary Sunblushed Tomatoes

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4 thoughts on “Rosemary Sun-Blushed Tomatoes”

  1. These are without question utterly delish, and so ridiculously easy to make. I made them for the first time a couple of days ago and they’ve gone down like an absolute storm with my family. My second batch is cooking as I type this … but I’ve learned, and this time I’ve tripled the quantities in the hope that they’ll last!!! Between you and me, I don’t think they will last so I’ve already got more tomatoes on my shopping list for tomorrow. Enjoy. Bon appetit!!

    1. Love this! Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so pleased that you enjoy these…they’re so easy aren’t they? They add a sweet rich tartness to any salad.

    1. Thank you Zoe. Your feedback means so much. I’m so pleased that you enjoyed them. Do you like tapenade? If you do they make a great olive and tomato tapenade. xxx

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