Struggling to Feed your ‘Fussy’ Family?

Are you struggling trying to feed your ‘fussy’ family? Making 3 meals a night? Spending too long in the kitchen?
Here’s a few ideas that might help….
1) Try adding small amounts of the foods they don’t like to foods they definitely do e.g small bits of mushroom to a pasta sauce. Tastes can change with repeated exposure.

2) Make one meal that everyone will like – then remove a portion for the ‘one who won’t eat onion/chilli/spinach’ and add it to the rest. Then everyone is happy but you’ve only made one meal just in 2 dishes e.g stir fry, shakshuka

3) Make a meal where your vegan can swap the chicken/fish for tofu or beans but the rest stays the same e.g fajitas, sushi, poké bowl, tray bakes…

4) Use your freezer. Make extra portions of the foods your ‘fussy’ one likes and when everyone is eating something they definitely won’t eat, they can have a meal they do like with no extra effort from you (or washing up!)

5) When you have more time… make a few different meals (if you want) If it’s not been every night you might not mind so much and everyone enjoys dinner.
I have a carnivore who doesn’t like cheese, one who won’t eat chicken, a vegan who doesn’t like pepper, squash, carrots + and one who doesn’t like fish so I do understand!
Follow me for more meal ideas that will help you feed your family more easily.

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