1:2 Cookery Lessons

Would you like to spend a lovely afternoon with your mum/daughter/dad/son/sister/brother/ best friend/husband/friend/  learning to cook 5 quick healthy family meals, new skills in the kitchen and then eating the results?

Sounds good doesn’t it?

That’s what all of these people did and look at those smiles!


If you’re interested….email me at judianne@quickhealthyfamilymeals.com

4 thoughts on “1:2 Cookery Lessons”

  1. Will you be offering this class again?
    Depending on the price and location, my daughter and hubby would be keen to enrol.


    1. Hi Natalie,
      Hi. Thank you for your interest. I actually come to your house to teach you so I can do lessons every week. A two hour 1:1 cooking lesson is £75. If there are two people, its £120.
      I send you a questionnaire first, then from your responses I put together a list of about 70 recipes. You select your favourites and we select a final 4-5 depending on what they are.
      At that point we set a date and I send you a list of ingredients to get. Then we cook at your house! I’ll guide and teach you but you’ll cook, so that you know how to do it next time when I’m not around.
      If that’s of interest, let me know and I’ll email across the questionnaire.

  2. hi my 15 yr old son is keen on cooking. im not but happy to learn! i find it hard to find dishes that are healthy and that all the family like. can u help?

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