NO Sugar NOvember

No sugar NOvember – We know that there is a lot of added sugar in our food, so to be more aware I have decided to do NO sugar NOvember with anyone else who wants to join me. We have more than 60 at the moment.  Throughout November I will avoid :-
1) All refined sugars
2) Natural sugar syrups like honey & maple syrup
3) Dried fruit
I will eat fresh fruit
So….. I’m going to check all ingredients carefully.
Look at the sugars on the nutritional labels and try to avoid anything over 5g/100g
I will make my granola without maple syrup, avoid Hoi sin sauce, baked beans, sushi rice, mirin etc. I’m going to swap my usual bread to Vogels bread (not a problem cos I
❤️ Vogels)
Hopefully I’ll become a little more aware of added sugars, my teeth will thank me and I will possibly lose a few lbs.
Fancy doing it with me??? I have shared my weekly meal plan. Go to meal plans at the front of my homepage – the password is nosugarnovember

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